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About Us

Palace Trucking Academy Inc. is here to help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. At Palace Trucking Academy Inc., you can obtain the education and training you need to qualify for a job or become an owner operator. Our mission is to remove the narrative of driver shortage by providing opportunities for new and existing company drivers to gain the ability to become business owners in the trucking industry with proper business development, vocational training, and a guided mentorship program. We provide comprehensive Class A driver training, automatic restriction removals, refresher courses, & help you become an owner operator. Our target audience is individuals who are 18 and older, veterans, single mothers and fathers, rehabilitated felons, and persons who are interested in changing careers due to displacement. We are a catalyst for entrepreneurship and a model for trucking business incubation. The faculty and staff members are strongly invested in the ongoing and ultimate personal and professional success of our students. The curriculum is rigorous, and we will complete the accreditation process by June 2024.

You can pursue your educational goals in a format that fits your needs. As a full-time student, you can finish a program in one month or six months.

We also will offer future classes in schools and other locations in communities throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area. You can even stay home and take a class online for the Theory portion of training, but will be required to come into the school for range training. Whatever your goals and interests, we are committed to help you enhance the quality of your life through learning.

Driving Dreams, Building Kingdoms

Meet the visionary force behind the wheel of Palace Trucking Academy Inc., the dynamic Quenita Harris. Fueled by a profound passion as a Professional Truck Driver and fortified by a wealth of experience acquired through diverse industry roles, Quenita embarked on a transformative journey to create opportunities for those seeking self-sufficiency through the art of driving.

Palace Trucking Academy Inc.: Paving the Road to Prosperity

Established from the very soul of Quenita’s commitment, Palace Trucking Academy is more than an institution—it’s a gateway to financial independence. Quenita’s vision is to empower individuals to monetize a skill many use freely every day: driving. Now, at the academy, individuals can not only hone their driving skills but also learn to earn, building a pathway to income and success.

Principal CEO at TDSJ Enterprise, LLC: Navigating Success

Quenita doesn’t just stop at empowering individuals through Palace Trucking Academy; she’s also at the helm of TDSJ Enterprise, LLC.  A logistics consulting & compliance company serving all states including Canada. As the Principal CEO, she steers the ship, combining business acumen with a passion for excellence, guiding the company towards new heights. Whilst building as a well sought after consultant she also established her own trucking company as an owner operator at TDSJ Transportation, a women and minority-owned trucking company, she has continued to carve a niche within the trucking industry.

Truck of Queens & Kings: Driving Diversity in Transportation

Not content with conventional norms, Quenita is also the Group Organizer for the Truck of Queens & Kings Facebook Group. It’s not just a group—it’s a movement, connecting owner operators, single parents, and individuals from all walks of life. Quenita’s vision is clear: to provide a platform to create passive income and establish generational wealth. It’s a resource hub, a community where industry experts share knowledge, and where dreams are not just encouraged but driven to reality.

Educationally Empowered: The Mind Behind the Wheel

Quenita’s impressive academic credentials are as diverse as her professional journey. Holding three Masters—a dynamic MBA, a mastery in Information Systems, and a master’s certificate in Project Management—she’s a testament to the power of education. Her foundation in Business Administration from Philander Smith College/University in Little Rock, AR, serves as the bedrock of her entrepreneurial prowess.

A Leader in Action: Directing Success, Shaping Futures

In her multifaceted career, Quenita has directed multiple projects with finesse. From preparing materials for bank audits to orchestrating promotional events, ensuring an assisted living facility aligns with state codes to serving as a periodic driver file auditor—her track record is a testament to her adaptability and resourcefulness.

Detail-Oriented Dynamo: Adaptable, Self-Motivated, Purpose-Driven

Quenita doesn’t just meet challenges; she welcomes them as opportunities for growth. Highly adaptable and resourceful, she learns new procedures with ease, adjusts to changes seamlessly, and operates with purpose and tenacity. Detail-oriented with exceptional multitasking abilities, Quenita is not just a leader—she’s a purpose pusher.

Dynamic Leadership: Thriving in Independence and Team Dynamics

As a Kingdom citizen building Kingdom business, Quenita’s dynamic leadership skills shine. Whether in independent operations or team dynamics, she navigates complexities with professionalism, insight, and innovative solutions.

Experience Beyond the Road: From Company Driver to Owner

Quenita’s journey in the industry spans diverse roles—company driver, over-the-road driver, local driver, and owner. Her experience is not just theoretical—it’s a roadmap of practical insights that she brings to every facet of her leadership.

Quenita Harris is not just driving trucks; she’s driving dreams, building kingdoms, and shaping a legacy that resonates with purpose. Join her on this journey, where every mile is a testament to resilience, every challenge is a steppingstone to success, and where the road ahead is paved with opportunities. 🌟👑 #QueenOfTheRoad #DrivingDreams #KingdomBuilder

Palace Trucking Academy & TDSJ ENTERPRISE

#1 – What does your company offer?

Palace Trucking Academy offers comprehensive training and education services for individuals aspiring to enter the trucking industry. Our programs cover professional driving skills, compliance knowledge, and business acumen to prepare students for successful careers in the transportation sector. TDSJ Enterprise provides consulting services specializing in International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) compliance for the trucking industry. We streamline the complex processes associated with IRP and IFTA, ensuring that our clients remain compliant with state and international regulations.

#2 – How does it benefit the trucking industry?

Our academy benefits the trucking industry by producing skilled and knowledgeable professionals who contribute to the sector’s growth and excellence. We aim to elevate industry standards by providing a platform for individuals to learn, excel, and become valuable assets to the trucking community. We have a two-track system either becoming an owner operator or a company driver.

Our services benefit the trucking industry by offering a one-stop solution for IRP and IFTA compliance. By alleviating the administrative burden and simplifying regulatory compliance, we enable trucking companies to focus on their core operations, reduce the risk of penalties, and enhance overall efficiency.

#3 – What inspired you to start your business?

The inspiration behind Palace Trucking Academy stems from a deep passion for professional truck driving and a desire to empower individuals. Recognizing the potential for financial independence through the skill of driving, we established the academy to assist those seeking to turn their everyday driving skills into a lucrative career.

The inspiration behind TDSJ Enterprise comes from recognizing the challenges that trucking companies face in managing IRP and IFTA compliance. We saw an opportunity to provide specialized expertise and support, helping businesses navigate the complexities of these regulations seamlessly.

#4 – What are common misconceptions about what you do?

A common misconception is that our academy merely teaches driving skills. In reality, Palace Trucking Academy goes beyond basic training. We equip individuals with comprehensive knowledge, including compliance understanding and business aspects, ensuring they are well-rounded professionals ready to make a significant impact in the industry while developing a knowledge to become a successful owner operator.

A common misconception is that compliance services are only needed during audits or when facing issues. Proactive and expert management of IRP and IFTA compliance can significantly reduce the risk of penalties and operational disruptions. We aim to emphasize the importance of ongoing compliance management.

#5 – Describe your ideal client and the next steps in working with you.

Our ideal client is someone with a passion for truck driving, a commitment to excellence, and a desire for financial independence. To work with Palace Trucking Academy, individuals can start by exploring our programs online palacetruckingacademy.com, reaching out for more information 404-578-9889, and enrolling in the courses that align with their career goals. The next steps involve engaging in our training programs and embarking on a transformative journey toward a successful career in the trucking industry. We have January Classes starting now.


Our ideal client is a new or existing trucking company that values efficiency, accuracy, and proactive compliance management. To work with TDSJ Enterprise, clients can initiate the process by reaching out for a consultation 404-578-9889. We assess their specific needs, tailor our services accordingly, and guide them through the steps to ensure seamless integration of our compliance solutions into their operations.

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