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Training Courses

Palace Trucking Academy Inc. can help you to get on the road to your class A CDL in as little as 4 weeks. In 30 days, you will be trained by experienced instructors and learn the proper way to become a safe and efficient driver. You will go from four wheels to 18 wheels in just 30 days depending on your learning comprehension of such a rigorous program. During your training program you will have 180 total hours of training including learning these topics in the classroom at our training facilities:

In Class

Online Class

Online Only ELDT


Week 1

Classroom- Introduction to Palace Trucking Program, Industry Regulations and Requirements, Hours of Service, Control Systems, Vehicle Systems, Pre-Trip Inspections, Driving Conditions, Hazard Awareness, Equipment Malfunctions, Map reading, Trip Planning, Cargo Handling, Visual Searching.

Week 1 consists of lectures, demonstrations, videos, and book assignments.

Upon completion of the first week, you will be prepared to take your written CDL exam.

Week 2

Classroom- Off/ On Duty, Vehicle Systems, Control Systems, Accident Procedures, Winter Driving, Engines, Transmissions, Differentials, Maintaining speed & space management

Week 2 consists of lectures, demonstrations, videos, and book assignments.

Lab-Vehicle Systems, Air Brakes, Control Systems, Pre-Trip Inspections, Preventative Maintenance, Tire Chains, Load Security

Field Training– Starting of Vehicle, Coupling, Straight Line Backing, Turning, Shifting, Throttle Control

Week 3

Classroom-Hours of Service, Hazardous Materials, Vehicle Systems, Control Systems, Power trains, Job Applications, Interviews

Week 3 consists of lectures, demonstrations, videotapes, and book assignments

Lab-Vehicle Systems, Control Systems, Pre-Trip Inspections, Brake Adjustment, Equipment Malfunctions

Field Training- Coupling, Uncoupling, Offset, Straight Backing, 90-degree Backing, Shifting, Interstate Driving, Highway Driving, City Driving.

Week 4

Classroom-Hours of Service, Vehicle Systems, Control Systems, Paperwork

Week 4 consists of lectures, demonstrations, videotapes, and book assignments

Lab-Safety Equipment, Proper Loading, Vehicle Specifications, Vehicle Systems, Control Systems

Field Training-Coupling, Uncoupling, Offset, Straight Backing, 90 Degree Backing, Shifting, Interstate Driving, Highway Driving, City Driving, Mountain Driving

Road Test will be given on the last day of the program.

Classroom/Lab 70 Hrs.

Field & Driving 110 Hrs.

TOTAL 180 Hrs.

During our CDL driving school, you’ll have enough time in the truck & behind the wheel. We offer a low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure learning experience is individualized, and our highly skilled professional instructors, you’ll also get the personalized guidance you need to help you become a safe and efficient driver. This will allow a level of confidence in earning your CDL & getting started with your driving career knowing that you can safely manage anything that lies ahead.


  • Financing options are available to pay for tuition APPLY NOW
  • Cost of Tuition: $5500.00
  • Application fee: $200.00
  • USDOT Physical $99.00
  • Drug Test $75.00
  • MVR and Background $40.00
  • Class A CDL Permit fee $14.00
  • Class A CDL fee $70.00
  • Refresher Courses $2500.00
  • Restriction removal $2000.00
The total cost of our program with permit fees & tuition fees is $5500.00 and if you will need lodging contact the office 404-446-9044 before paying to ensure lodging is included in the tuition for 4 weeks. Fees that are included in the tuition is for your DOT physical, drug test, CDL permit, & CDL exam if you don’t already have permit. Payment plan & financing options are available contact admissions 404-446-9044.
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