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The Inspiration Behind Palace Trucking Academy Inc.

Palace Trucking Academy Inc. is owned by Ms. Quenita Harris, Executive Director and founder. She went through a departmental layoff which sparked her entrepreneurial journey. She learned to leverage resources she had by becoming efficient at running routes as a Medical Courier. She then decided to obtain her CDL amid challenges, and now wants to help others see the opportunity! She became an Owner operator of her own trucking company TDSJ Transportation LLC, in Atlanta GA. She has over a decade of experience in leadership, project management, & transportation! She also established a trucking group on social media; Truck of Queens & Kings to be a resource house to help individuals obtain their CDL, connect individuals already in the industry with others, create an opportunity for those that are not currently involved in trucking, & give information based on expert knowledge from those around the globe! Palace Trucking academy was another way for her to make an imprint in the trucking industry enabling individuals to use a skill they already use to become sustainable and self-sufficient families; whilst becoming safe & efficient drivers.

Ms. Harris is certified in education and holds three masters’ degrees, an MBA, Master of Information Systems & Master’s in Project Management. Ms. Harris has directed multiple projects including partnering with All in Brokerage, starting TDSJ Enterprise & Consulting as well as aiding other owner operators in the process of starting their own trucking company. She is highly adaptable and resourceful—rapidly learns new procedures and processes, quickly adjusts to changes in schedule, environment and organizational objectives. She is also detail-oriented with exceptional multi-tasking abilities, self-motivated and goaloriented. She thrives in independent operations and team dynamics, with effective interpersonal and communication skills. In this role she will demonstrate professionalism, tenacity, thoroughness and dedication, with a solid work ethic. She insightfully responds to tough situations and find innovative solutions for complex problems. She also demonstrates dynamic leadership skills and can manage diverse team members while getting results.

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