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Student Catalog

Student Information

Dress Requirements
Students must dress with safety in mind. Loose clothing and hair that could get caught in doors and equipment will not be tolerated. Students are required to wear shoes during truck training sessions. Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed.

Textbooks and Supplies
Textbooks and supplies will be handed out during the first day of class and are the responsibility of the student. Students must bring textbooks to class everyday.

Student Complaint Procedure
This complaint procedure is gone over during the first day of orientation. Complaints are to directed to the school Director or Georgia Department of Driver Services.

Students are expected to be on time for all classes. When in the classroom or the range students must follow instructions. Cell phones will not be permitted during classroom time, range training, or road training. Drugs and alcohol are not allowed at any time. Students must treat the school’s equipment with care. If these rules are not followed it could lead to dismissal by the Director.

Attendance / Leave of Absence:
Students must maintain an 90% attendance record. Any attendance bellow 90% will lead to dismissal. No show, No call will not be tolerated and will be reviewed by the Director. Four or more absences will lead to dismissal by the  Director. All leaves of absence must be submitted in writing to the Director and approved by the Director.

Being late to classroom or truck training four or more times will lead to termination from the program. Make-up work will be assigned, and is expected to be made up promptly. There is no charge for make-up work.

Grading System
Students are graded on their classroom / lab, and their truck driving ability. These activities are graded as follows:

  • A – 90% to 100% Excellent work, or has achieved the specific driving
  • B – 80% to 89% Above average in class work and behind the wheel
  • C – 70% to 79% Average classroom work and behind the wheel
  • D – 60% to 69% Unsatisfactory progress. Remedial training may be required

Classroom / Lab
Students are tested throughout the course of the classroom. These tests are graded and placed on their transcript. The grades are evaluated weekly by the Director.

Road Work
A driving progress report is made up on each student. Each driving session is critiqued and noted on this report. The instructor evaluates each student for every driving session, and these reports are evaluated weekly by the Director.

Remedial Training
An unsatisfactory grade of a D may result in some remedial training. This may involve tutoring either before or after class. This may involve up to an additional 5 hours of training with truck. There will be an additional $350 plus the fee for third party tester if student doesn’t pass training, or for tutoring and extra truck training.

Requirements For Graduation
A student must have a minimum grade average of 80% at the end of the course, with attendance rate of 90%. The student must have a passing score on the state’s Commercial Drivers License (CDL) written and driving examinations. The student will receive a diploma upon satisfying the requirements for graduation.

Class A 180: Basic Tractor-Trailer Driving. The tuition of $5,500.00 includes all materials and testing.

If an applicant wishes to cancel his / her enrollment agreement prior to the start they will receive a 100% refund. If applicant has not toured the school’s facilities, but has enrolled, that person will receive a 100% refund if unhappy upon touring and so states within three days.

Students may be terminated for not maintaining a passing grade, excessive tardiness or absenteeism (2 or more times) and unsafe behavior. The school Director is in charge of any terminations. Students who are absent 2 or more days or 10% will be terminated.

Refund Policy

  1. For a student completing up to and including 10% of the total clock hours the
    school shall refund 90% of the total cost of the program.
  2. For a student withdrawing from or discontinuing the program within the first
    25% of the program, the tuition charges refunded by the school shall be 55% of
    the total cost of the program.
  3. For a student withdrawing or discontinuing after 25% but within 50% of the
    program, the tuition charges refunded by the school shall be 30% of the total cost
    of the program.
  4. For a student withdrawing or discontinuing after 50% of the program, the
    student is entitled to no refund.
  5. The school will refund unearned tuition within 30 days of the date of the

In the event a student is unable to pass the learner’s permit exam a refund is made in accordance to the standard refund policy based on the last date of attendance. The termination date for refund calculation purposes is the student’s last day of recorded attendance.

Placement Services

The school has a strong placement service. All staff, including the Director can assist in placement. Several lists are maintained of hiring companies. A Job / Hire board is kept in the classroom. The school can provide job applications from local, regional, and long haul companies. Recruiters visit the school on a regular basis, giving formal presentations about their company. A computer, fax, copier, and telephone are available for the students. Students are assisted in filling out applications. PALACE Trucking Academy Inc CANNOT GUARANTEE JOB PLACEMENT.

School Calendar
The school has open enrollment. A student may start any Palace Trucking Academy Inc program every other Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a Holiday) of the year.

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Transferability of Credit Hours
The 180 are units of measure and not meant to show any conversion to credit to credit hours and are not intended to imply transferability.

Student Bill of Rights
Palace Trucking Academy Inc will not stand for any discrimination against age, race, sex or religion. Any problem with this should be reported to the Director right away.

Student Services
Although the school does not offer counseling, students may seek guidance or advice from the Instructors or Director. Students who need help or assistance for anything outside of the school can reach out to the Director who will try to assist the student to find outside help.

When Can I Apply for Truck Driving School?

At Palace Trucking Academy Inc., we offer a rolling admissions process and class scheduling to match available teachers with new students. That means that we are often starting a new class each week. By applying today, you can reserve your spot in the next class.

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