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Palace Trucking Academy Inc. is here to help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. At Palace Trucking Academy Inc., you can obtain the education and training you need to qualify for a job or become an owner operator. Our mission is to remove the narrative of driver shortage by providing opportunities for new and existing company drivers to gain the ability to become business owners in the trucking industry with proper business development, vocational training, and a guided mentorship program. We provide comprehensive Class A driver training, automatic restriction removals, refresher courses, & help you become an owner operator. Our target audience is individuals who are 18 and older, veterans, single mothers and fathers, rehabilitated felons, and persons who are interested in changing careers due to displacement. We are a catalyst for entrepreneurship and a model for trucking business incubation. The faculty and staff members are strongly invested in the ongoing and ultimate personal and professional success of our students. The curriculum is rigorous, and we will complete the accreditation process by June 2024.

You can pursue your educational goals in a format that fits your needs. As a full-time student, you can finish a program in one month or six months.

We also will offer future classes in schools and other locations in communities throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area. You can even stay home and take a class online for the Theory portion of training, but will be required to come into the school for range training. Whatever your goals and interests, we are committed to help you enhance the quality of your life through learning.

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